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Startups and young founders have become the most important source of innovation and digitalization in the modern age. Unfortunately, Europe, due to a multitude of different circumstances, lags behind in terms of start-up incorporations, chances of survival, financing and consequently innovation.

Our goal is to reduce at least one of these obstacles: information. After more than seven years of joint experience in startups, whether as a founder or taking part in high growth ventures, we aim to inform students of the seventh and eighth grades (juniors and seniors of high school) through short, individually targeted presentations and workshops.


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E-Learning Package
E-Learning Package during Covid-19
Because of the current situation in Europe, we have adapted our offer to home-schooling. Instead of workshops in schools we now offer a free of charge e-learning package and online workshops. The online workshops are live streamed via our YouTube channel which you can find here:
Download our info sheet to learn more about our online workshops:
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To speak at a workshop, please use the button below to apply as a speaker. Be sure to tell us why you would like to be a speaker for effy. Our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Together, we can achieve greater things! We are lucky to have a diverse team with different skills and backgrounds. Still, we are constantly looking for new members who want to change the European Startup landscape to join the effy team. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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